Rigoletto Hits the Bright Lights of Vegas

Director Peter Mayer’s 2013 production of Rigoletto wowed thousands of people around the world as part of the Metropolitan Opera’s Live in HD broadcast season. Transporting the story from old Europe to the 20th-century heyday of the Las Vegas rat pack made for dazzling neon-lit stagings, clever costumes and many amusing visual references. Critics fairly pointed out that the updated setting left the exact circumstances of the title character a little murky – Rigoletto himself, traditionally a clown, seemed to be some sort of downtrodden back-office manager.

But the performances were exuberant, led by Diana Damrau’s Gilda. Piotr Beczala sang the role of the Duke, in this case a Duke who appears to own a casino.

“It’s impossible not to like,” said Manuela Hoelterhoff, reviewing the production for Bloomberg News. “It’s wildly entertaining, inventive, strangely funny and yet also deeply sad.”

You can buy the DVD of the production from Amazon. it’s a great way to enjoy and share one of the most lovable operas.