Sonos Makes its Play to Connect Your TV


Talk about perfect timing. We started this site to help you find the best digital music experiences out there. Now here comes Sonos with its first product to connect the TV into its throughout-the-house wifi experience, offering new ways to experience great sound and vision at home.

We love the way Sonos makes the whole world’s music accessible via its controller software that installs easily on your phone or tablet. You can connect it to almost any music service, and almost any radio station. Each rev of the software improves its usability. The truly die-hard audiophiles might have some issues with the audio quality, but we traded our long-serving, noble Polk Audio speakers and expensive components for the convenience and ease of a house “un-wired” with Sonos.

Adding multiple speakers and the Sonos “Sub” woofer lets you deploy sound all over the house. Integrating the video is the next step towards making a complete solution. As TV software and connectivity continues to improve we expect Sonos will continue to improve the overall integration as well. (The only other thing we’re still wishing for is an easy way to stream directly from a computer browser – currently that’s easiest with a cord connected to the handiest Sonos component.)

You can get the Playbar, listed at $699, and all the other Sonos gear you need, from Amazon.

The video below, from the manufacturer, gives a more complete idea of how the Playbar integrates with other Sonos equipment.